"From Forward notes of the books by the Late Bishop of Gozo, Nicholas J Cauchi" - "The Shrine of Blessed Virgin of Ta' Pinu & 'Ta Pinu Shrine (Gozo) - A Pilgrim Haven"
…Indeed the origins of the Sanctuary are lost in the mists of antiquity. The building of the very first chapel is not recorded in any document… Thus an earnest effort has been made to describe in this little book- The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin “Ta Pinu”, – 15th March 1983
Since the publication of the first edition of - The Shrine of the Blessed Virgin “Ta Pinu”, several interesting events in connection with the sanctuary have happened. Just to mention two of them, the International Marian and Mariological Congresses and the visit of His Holiness Pope John Paul II were landmarks in the history of the Shrine. Owing to those facts, updating this book became a must.
I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all those who have lent a helping hand in order to make this publication possible. I would like to thank in a special way Mgr. Benedict Camilleri, the former rector of Ta’Pinu Basilica, whose inspiration was decisive for starting this work.
It is my hope and prayer that this booklet may be helpful to those who visit the shrine and to all those who desire to obtain some more knowledge of the past events.
I renew my wish that what the readers find in these pages, will deepen their devotion to Our Lady Ta’Pinu. Nicholas J Cauchi, Bishop Emeritus– 25th January 2006

The Original “Ta Pinu” Chapel

The chapel, typical of so many in the Maltese Islands might have remained unknown, except for the unusual events of 1883…


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Our Lady’s Call to Karmini Grima

"Come, Come,” Ëjja, Ejja" she heard a voice called from inside the Chapel. She was confused, and frightened, and began to run away from the place.

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From Chapel to Basilica

Devotion to Our Lady of Ta' Pinu grew rapidly, and numerous pilgrims flocked to the chapel. and the necessity to build a bigger church was felt.

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The Popes’ Visits

The highlights of Ta Pinu Shrine's history can be summed up by the Icon of the Blessed Virgin crowning in 1935. but the presences of two of St Peter's successors, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI who have shown the greatest honours to Our Lady Ta' Pinu

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