Devotion to Our Lady Ta’Pinu



O Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God,

raised with body and soul to heavenly glory,

who invited  Karmni Grima to come and seek your help,

look pitifully at the upset world and as you saved from sorrow the spouses of Cana,

so deliver humanity from the threatening spiritual and social calamities.

Make all  men love each other with fraternal love.

Protect, most compassionate Mother ,our families

of which the whole human society is formed

that they may live a happy ,honest and holy life

in the unity of lasting marriage.


Above all, I beg you, have pity on my suffering under the Cross which Almighty God made me bear.


If it is not detrimental to my soul , grant me that……….

(Reflect on the grace you are asking for…).PAUSE


If, however, it is not God’s will that i obtain this grace, help me  , I beseech you, to accept willingly, His will,

so that I may ensure that my earthly sufferings help me to procure eternal happiness.


Recite three Hail Marys in honour of the three days Mary’s body remained in the tomb.

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